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About Watercolor Portraits
LeAnn's portraits of children, adults, homes and pets lovingly record
" a moment in time"
of a family's history. Clean, transparent, and brilliant, watercolor is a wonderfully expressive medium for portraiture, and when applied with calculated abandon, the numerous layers of glazing create a luminosity and glow unmatched by other mediums.

With modern advances, professional watercolor paint is now lightfast
( non-fading ), paper is ph-balanced ( non-yellowing ) and framing is archival, so that the final product may be enjoyed for many lifetimes to come.

Portraits of Children and Adults
The commission process begins with LeAnn meeting with the client to discuss the portrait particulars. Subsequently, the photographs she takes record for LeAnn as much as possible about the spirit and personality of the subject. Approximately 50 -100 photos are taken. LeAnn will provide a pencil sketch for client approval before the actual painting begins.

Each painting usually takes from eight to twelve weeks, depending on previous studio commitments. If the painting is a gift, or needed for a special date, the artist will make every effort to accommodate those circumstances. The painting is presented unframed, although LeAnn can provide framing services if so desired.


Portraits of Homes and Pets
Commissions for home and pet portraits do not require the lengthier procedure indicated above. While LeAnn prefers to work from her own photos, she can work from good quality photos taken by others.
In those instances, where she will not be the photographer, she can offer simple “photography tips” for best results.